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1210 Vienna

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As partners of the automobile ancilliary-industry, in the field of the inside equipment with leather and imitation leather, we would like to introduce to ourselves and to offer our services and contributions. Since many years we are successful as supplier of machines, spare parts and wear parts for the footwear industry and leather goods.
Through the increased utilization of leather in the automotive industry and the arising demand for corresponding problem solutions, we got a lot of regular customers also here in this industrial sector.
In the same way, the increasing globalization and the greater product offer from the whole world, that make it also necessary for other industry products, to marking and labeling of brands. As well we could utilize our experiences also in these fields. Through that we can refer today onto a wide range of industry lines, which be belong to our customers. Our delivery program contains machines for splitting, skiving, embossing, punching, stamping and marking and so on. Our partners and suppliers are innovative machine manufacturer which offer also complex solutions in the automatization. Where always possible, are standard machines applied, through this is safeguarded the prompt repair part supply. In case of future problems we would be pleased if you enquire us.